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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bike and Tattoo Show 2011

The Bike and Tattoo show was a HUGE success! Glamour Parties was there in full swing with a booth packed with Pinup Clothing, Corsets, Accessories and of course Pinup Prints! Saturday our pinups joined us, wearing Quebec designed Vintage Love dresses as well as Glamour Montreal Corsets and candy coloured wigs! Once our ladies started walking around and handing out flyers it was "la folie furieuse" at our booth. By the end of the night everyone was wearing a Glamour corset - and proud of it! We were approached by Harley Davidson and various other groups in hopes that we'd attend their events too! Many people said it was refreshing to see "real" women, who are beautiful and natural. Who knew that corsets and jeans could be sexier than fake tans and spandex? (Hint: WE DID!)

Glamour Parties with the amazing Host of the Bike and Tattoo Show

The Booth pre-show

Van Demon and Glamour Parties

Lovely Pinups in Corsets and Bettie Page clothing!

Some of our lovely Pinups

Snapshot of our booth, featuring full makeup and hair stations (photo by Marie-Michèle)

Eager guys with some of our Pinups (Photo by Foxy)

I think the security guys really loved us! (We loved them too)

Security team modelling Vintage Love & Bettie Page

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