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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2012 Calendars!

Since last year was such a hit, we've decided to do TWO calendars for next year. One calendar will feature 20 lovely ladies of Montreal and area - you will be able to flip image to image as the calendar dates will be at the bottom. The second will feature Pinups, Hot-rods and Custom Bikes yet again. We were happy to find out that we have fans all the way in in Boston and even California pre-ordering 2012 calendars! Awesome!
In the "Ladies" Calendar we'll feature various models & burlesque performers... This year it will get a little more daring! We'll have images to suit every taste, from old Hollywood inspired to Steam-punk! For the Hot-Rods & Bikes we're going to stick to the classic Pinup. Of course, like last year, we'll have pre-sale AND a launch party with posters and merch available. Thanks for your continued support, we LOVE our fans!

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