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Friday, April 2, 2010

3 questions you should ask before choosing your photographer:

What is the delay before I see my proofs?
-It should never be more than 3 months after the wedding date; I usually start sending my clients photos after the first week. I like to send highlights and the best couple shots, family photos, etc...

What resolution will my photos be in?
-Your resolution should be 300dpi or more. They should also be full size which allows you to print at various sizes. I use 350dpi or more and I send all images full size (printable from 4”x6” to 8”x10”). I always offer larger sizing, 11”x17” or more as a free service to my clients up to one year after the wedding date.

What style of photography do you love?
-It’s important to have a photographer that is on the same page as you. A photojournalistic photographer can always do classic portraits or funky setups but will always excel in their personal preferences. If your friend takes great scenery photos, it doesn’t mean that s/he will have the same passion for romantic portraits nor be able to capture emotions. Also, another important thing to know is weather YOU want a photographer snapping photos and moving around during your ceremony or not.

I love photojournalistic photography and like to throw in my own kind of fun setups. I like to get people to pose for me, make them laugh and then capture that moment when they let their personalities shine through and put their guard down. These, I find, are the most emotional and beautiful kinds of photos… not to mention 100% genuine. I leave the decision up to you as far as walking around during the ceremony. I prefer to make the day as unproblematic as it can be by complying with your wishes.

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